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Meet Muniba Mazari - Goodwill Ambassador to UN Women in Pakistan 🇵🇰

Meet Muniba Mazari - Goodwill Ambassador to UN Women in Pakistan 🇵🇰

When life gives you reasons to bring yourself down, a few more remind you of the shine that radiates within you. Meet Muniba Mazari - an artist, motivational speaker, humanitarian, and Pakistan's first Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Women in Pakistan. Struggling with some of the hardest battles in the past, she fights back with the biggest smile and positivity that brings hope into this world.

I've transformed - there's this quote by Rumi, which I really like, that goes "The result of my life is no more than three words: I was raw, I became cooked, I was burnt" - despite all the hurdles, which shook me to the core, I've realized that there has been a stark difference between the person I was, versus the person I am today. And with this constant realization of how things have changed for me, the message of spreading love at all times matters most.

Dreams bring us closer to the reality each of us wishes to see. For me, my dream is a world which embraces kindness and empathy. Where all of us continue to inspire one another. Despite our differences, we're all very similar, which allows us to accept each other and take care of one another unconditionally.

Muniba Mazari wearing Gulistaan Stripes Kurta in Blue and pairing it with the Gulbahar Dupatta.
On days when I feel bad thoughts lingering and creating doubts, I try to follow the manifestation of acknowledging my emotions, releasing them through different mediums of expression, and eventually healing from the pain. For me, a medium of expression I indulge in is painting. I love painting, it's calming, and it plays a great part in my life. On days when it's harder to see the light, I remind myself that positive or negative emotions must be valued as they come by. Even if it means healing in silence and solitude to come back stronger than before.

And, with every moment passing by, there is something we all need to realize;
"This too shall pass" - the sunsets, the sunrise, the moments that feel timeless, the days that feel negative, they will pass, but each of these phases is something we learn from and become better.
Muniba Mazari wearing Gulistaan Stripes Kurta in Blue and pairing it with the Gulbahar Dupatta. 
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