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Basic Not Boring 

Minimalism is an aesthetic movement that has stood the test of time and can be observed in a vast array of creative disciplines, from art and architecture to fashion and technology. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and the idea of letting go of everything we don't need.

As you navigate through your daily lives, you make countless decisions, and the burden of constantly deciding can be overwhelming. Something as seemingly trivial as choosing what to wear can drain your energy and willpower, leaving you feeling exhausted and stressed.

But something as basic as a Kurta-Pyjama (Pakistan's Traditional Dress) which can be an appropriate dress for any occasion saves you the hassle of figuring out what to wear. With one unnecessary decision out of the way, you will see yourself spending your mental space in areas like creativity, critical thinking & problem-solving.

These two-piece matching separates are elegant and functional with pockets on the side (now who doesn't love having a place to keep their phone or wallet while on the go)?

They strive to simplify your life and bring more meaning and happiness to your wardrobe as they never get boring and only get better with age, making them sustainable and worthwhile. 


Changing a Narrative

Urdu, the language of poets and dreamers, is a beautiful and soul-stirring language that touches the heart in a way that few other languages can. It started developing in north India around the 12th century and was based on the language spoken in the region around Delhi, heavily influenced by Arabic and Persian, as well as Turkish. With its rich history and profound literary tradition, it has the ability to express emotions and feelings in a way that is both intricate and delicate.

Our Calligraphic Collections are a tribute to the timeless beauty of Urdu poetry and its revered poets. Each piece is carefully crafted with designs and patterns that showcase the language's artistry and elegance.

When you style either of these, you make an effort of keeping the traditions of Urdu alive in the hope to honor the poets and dreamers who gave this language its heartrending power because these are not just a piece of cloth, but they carry with them a legacy of South Asia’s cultural richness and a celebration of artistic expression along the ages.


Infinite Possibilities

It's beautiful to witness how people are becoming more confident in expressing themselves and breaking free from gender norms, especially when it comes to fashion. It's inspiring to see individuals embracing their unique sense of style and identity. As we become more aware of the diversity and complexity of human expression, it's important to acknowledge and celebrate each individual’s uniqueness.

Unisex designs are like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with a rainbow of colors and patterns. They give us the freedom to mix and match, to experiment and explore, and to create new expressions of beauty that transcend labels and categories. They're a celebration of diversity and individuality, a reminder that we're all unique and beautiful in our own way.

Because the possibilities are endless, and the only limit is our imagination. 


Crafted with Passion: The Artistry of Made in Pakistan

Manto is more than just a Pakistani-born fashion label - it's a celebration of our heritage and a tribute to the remarkable poets and artists who have made it what it is today. Our collections are designed to capture the essence of our culture, paying homage to the language and traditions that have defined us for centuries.

But we're not just about fashion - we're trying to give back to the country that has given us so much. That's why, the philosophy is to go beyond simply designing beautiful pieces and strive to create opportunities for all, from women and men to students and laborers.

Our products are bold, eye-catching, and unapologetically rebellious, just like the people of our nation who inspire us every day. And because we're 100% made in Pakistan, we're not just supporting local artisans and businesses but also trying to showcase the incredible talent that exists within our own borders.

So, join us in our mission to keep our culture alive and give back to our beloved Pakistan. We may not be able to repay all of its sacrifices, but through our little attempt and effort, we hope to make a difference in our own small way.