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Meet The Team - Dua Fatimah

Meet The Team - Dua Fatimah

Creative Marketeer, Culture Enabler, Country Hopper ⚐ - Meet Dua, Digital Marketing Strategist for Manto and Maansals.

Growing up, Dua was an adventurer in her own realm, from UAE, to Sri lanka, and Malaysia; and Pakistan as her main country of origin, she found herself growing through the movements in a city that felt like a stranger, and making a home out of newer faces. She knew there was a part of her that would always be left behind in each of these countries, each of them felt like home while her identity kept evolving with the changes in her life.

Dua’s connection with Manto, started at the end of 2019 when she was actively seeking an internship and found herself with an important choice - to join a startup in the days when Manto had just begun or to join a multinational corporation. However, the opportunity to learn and contribute in creating value in day to day stages at a startup stood out more for her than anything! Working with Salman came with constant guidance, trust, and belief. All the mentorship helped her in ways beyond imagination, such as recognizing the potential instilled within her and the constant encouragement to unleash her full potential.

For everyone at the office, Dua is the one you would go to after a bad day. She feels like a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day, with her candle lighting up to fuse all the creative energy in the air. Out of all that Dua has achieved, managed to conquer, and is destined to meet, there are chapters in her life that have deeply shaped her into the young woman she is today - a brave, empathetic and thoughtful one.