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Meet The Team - Abdul Basit

Meet The Team - Abdul Basit

Packaging King, Juggling Orders & Occasional Chaos Creator ✨ - Meet Abdul Basit, the magic behind every beautifully packed box you receive from us.

One of our first employees, Basit has spent 2 years here and worked through multiple challenges with our inventory, operations and logistics. From setting up systems, seeing them backfire only to get back up and try again.

Basit has made us all laugh, cry and hit our heads against the wall with his silly mistakes. However, he is undeniably one of our hardest workers and leaves no task lost (unless he conveniently forgets to check his messages)

Behind it all, lies an individual who may have not focused in school but today, he keeps learning. Basit focuses on learning how to communicate effectively, be respectful no matter what and hopes to pick up his education in Supply Chain Management.

P.S: His goal is to become Manto’s CEO one day so better watch out @maansals !

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